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Elon Musk Rap - Rhymes Only
Karl Marx Rap - Rhymes Only
Elon Musk
Hey Marx, your ideas are old, they're rust, How can you trust in a world without trust? Can you explain why your system's a must?
Karl Marx
Hey Elon, your tech may be sleek, But it's the voice of the working class that I speak. Equality and fairness is what we all seek, Now tell me, how do you plan to help the weak?
Elon Musk
My tech creates jobs, brings us to new heights, Innovation and progress, turning on the lights. Clean energy, space travel, improving our lives, What's your solution, oh wise one, to help us survive?
Karl Marx
Innovation is great, I ain't gonna lie, But it's the wealth gap that keeps catchin' my eye. My solution's simple, let me tell ya the gist, Redistribute wealth, so no one's dismissed.